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Everybody appreciates that using a ladder can be dangerous, even if a person is only a few rungs high. Each year there are numerous ladder related incidents and accidents in the UK alone. The Health and Safety Executive reports that annually there are around six deaths per year resulting from falls off of ladders. Figures from that source also indicate that approximately one third of all injuries sustained in the UK per year are as a result of falls from ladders.

The majority of ladder related incidents occur when the base, or bottom, of a ladder slips away from underneath the user. This is the reason that many people ask someone to “foot the ladder” for them. All of the above information brings us to the product we offer, appropriately named FOOT THE LADDER. This device is designed to prevent ladders from slipping away from underneath you.

The FOOT THE LADDER is strong, effective, and very easy to use. How easy? It takes just two seconds to attach to any ladder, and the same amount of time, two seconds, to remove it! That's how easy! Constructed from high quality British steel, it is fully seam welded at every joint, and then the finished product is powder coated for a robust finish.

The FOOT THE LADDER has been accredited for its performance and effectiveness by a leading working at height training facility. The accreditation procedure followed strict health and safety guidelines in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s mandate. (Details of accreditation are available)

How it works

So how does it work? Simple.

By means of an internally spring loaded mechanism, it clamps between the lower rungs of your ladder. It has an arm which extends outwards towards the ground or floor, in the direction of whatever it is you are leaning your ladder against. This arm makes contact with the ground, and now the force which previously was pushing the base of the ladder outwards, is now redirected inwards, giving complete stability.

There is a little adjustment facility built in to the unit to accommodate different working terrains that may be encountered. Whilst that is the case, the FOOT THE LADDER has been designed to adhere to the “four-to-one” safety rule which is in place to make ladder usage as safe as possible (See Figure 1, opposite).

So, who will benefit from using the FOOT THE LADDER?

The simple answer is anyone can!! So far hundreds have been sold, across the UK, in America, Denmark, France, Italy and Ireland. These have been bought by various county councils, roofers, decorators, window cleaners, satellite and telecom fitters, electricians, guttering specialists, and window fitters, not to mention the countless units that individual members of the public have purchased simply to keep themselves safe. Even a royal park in the Surrey countryside uses one to assist in game keeping duties!

This image has been taken from a publication published by the Health and Safety Executive, entitled "Safe use of ladders and stepladders".

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Window Cleaner

John, a traditional window cleaner from Hertfordshire, has been doing his job for many years. He is a careful worker, taking pride not only in his work, but also the care he takes respecting safety.

“I always check, double check, and then check again that my ladder is secure and that I have got it at a safe angle” he tells us. “I take extra care whilst working in wet conditions, and I like to think that I am especially cautious when the surface I have my ladder on is a slippery one.”

Despite this attitude, John was caught out one day. He continues with his account... “I had finished my round early one particular afternoon, and thought I would use the time to quickly clean my own windows at home. Complacency had obviously set in, and I didn’t check the security of my ladder. Being at home, and wanting to get the job done quickly, I assumed all was well.” John’s ladder slipped away from underneath him, and he fell, breaking several vertebrae. He was off work for many months.

Back at work the following year, John acquired a FOOT THE LADDER. “If only I had this device previously” he lamented. “If this product was on my ladder that afternoon, I would not have had my accident”.




Working as I do in the off shore oil and gas industry, I am acutely aware of ever present dangers when working at height. So even when simply doing odd jobs around the home, I still make sure that I'm as safe as can be. That's why there is always a FOOT THE LADDER close to hand.

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